Request Re: Village Chill Scarf

Comments (View) // Posted On 6 Nov 2011

I had a request to take a photo of the Ivivva Village Chill Scarf on in the typical way I wear it. If you would like a more detailed look at how to style the Vinyasa scarf please check out my video. Rachel - I hope this helps.


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Ivivva Village Chill Scarf vs lulu Vinyasa Scarf

Comments (View) // Posted On 28 Oct 2011

Ivivva (lulu’s little sister) has launched the Village Chill Scarf which is the same idea as the Vinyasa scarf that I’m obsessed with. So when someone posted about them on TJI I jumped online and bought the two colourful ones. They arrived today, yay.

Firstly these are made for younger girls so they are smaller (see comparison photo), they are still large enough that you can do all the normal wraps and vests. When doing the wrap keep in mind that I normally (size 4/6) do up 5 snaps back and 3 snaps front on the Vinyasa with this smaller scarf I was only able to do 1 snap back and 3 snaps front, also it sits higher on your waist then the Vinyasa when done this way.

But I like having a couple smaller versions - it’s nice to have a less bulky version sometimes I think. Also the craftsmanship of these is more like the first and second run of the Vinyasa (the 3/4th runs were kinda shoddy). Oh and they are all rulu like the lulu ones and they are $28 each.

Enjoy :)

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Vinyasa Scarfs round 4

Comments (View) // Posted On 13 Oct 2011

There has been another colour run of the Vinyasa Scarf - Black Pique and Lilac Heathered Coal Wee Stripe. I bought them both online when they showed up the Lilac is the usual running luon and has a nice light purple tone, the Black Pique I was really excited for since Black Pique is my favourite fabric but this is a bit of a new pique. It has a bit of a different pattern and texture. It also has a larger range of tones in it (from white to black) so it appears lighter compared to the older pique (see photo). One nice thing about the new pique is it has a very different reverse side in a nice stripe pattern (see photo). Downside is the last two runs have not been great quality, the fabric is fine but they are cut poorly and the snaps don’t go to the end of the fabric like they used too (which makes things like the wrap hang funny on) - But I still love them all. The Black and Static Coal are still my all time faves though.

Here is a list of all the Vinyasa Scarf runs off the top of my head:

1st run (metal bar logo) - Static Coal, Static Coal Large stripe, Citron;
2nd run (reflective logo) - Black, Light Grey Pique, Static Coal; 
3rd run (round silver metal logo) - Ghost, Heathered Muted Mauve, Heathered Coal, Black; 
4th run (round black metal logo) - Black Pique, Lilac heathered coal wee stripe

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Vinyasa Scarf Round 6 - Mauve

Comments (View) // Posted On 15 Aug 2011

The Vinyasa Scarf is my all time favourite lulu item. I’m either wearing one or I have one in my bag everyday. There have been 6 colours released to date; Heathered Coal, Heathered Coal Stripe, Grey Pique, Black, Citron & Heathered Muted Mauve. Each release the logo has been different; 1st release was the narrow silver bar with ‘lululemon’ on it, 2nd release was the reflective logo, 3rd release is a little silver lulu symbol. A while back I did a video about how to wear the scarf - you can find it here.