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So I’ve decided that one of the main reasons I haven’t been wanting to write blog posts is because I hate working all day on a computer and then coming home and hopping on to the computer again to type up reviews. But I love my iPad mini so I decided to get a keyboard in the hopes that I will do more blogging. So far I have written about 10 reviews tonight - so I think it’s working.

This is the keyboard I got from Future Shop. The brand is Zagg and I picked this particular one because I like how the iPad can be adjusted to different angles like a laptop screen, and it has a back lit keyboard (you can even change the color of the back light). Those two things seemed unique to this keyboard based on the other options I saw online and in store.

So far using it has been great - the set up was super easy and I love the iPad function buttons for the home screen and copy/paste.

Here is to more blogging in the future!!!

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Lets Talk about Tieks, baby!

Okay so I’ve been living a love affair with some new shoes (thanks to other Tieks lovers for suggesting them on the lulu facebook group TJI). These shoes are a traditional ballet flat with a twist! The twist being that they fold in half and can be stuffed into a tiny little bag that comes with them (not pictured).

They are genuine italian leather and all handmade. They come in a ton of colors and textures - from patent leather to snake skin to sparkily.

And I can’t lie, these are truly the most expensive flats I have ever bought. In fact they cost more then my Teva winter boots… Oh and I’m just talking about one pair. If you follow Tieks on Facebook you can find the occasional 25% off but if you don’t have a coupon code be prepared to drop $165-$295 a pair.

So the main question is are they worth that? I think if you look around at similar products made with a similar grade of fabric and care you will find that the price is on par. Leather soles are something that I love, I find that fabric or synthetic soles in flats get super stinky with time due to wearing them without socks. Leather doesn’t have that same retention of smell. Leather also has the bonus of conforming to your foot over time - so they actually get more comfortable as you wear them. I did find that some colours were better then others. My blue patent pair and the purple lilac pair were instantly comfortable out of the box. The metallic pewter hurt the mound above my big toe on both feet for quite sometime and had to be broken in more then my other pairs.

Another note to be made is that I’ve been wearing these constantly for about an month (lilac is new so they haven’t been worn as much) and the patent pair is holding up very well. The Metallic Pewter has started to wear behind the heel (see photo) and the finish is coming off. I’ve contacted the very lovely people over at Tieks and they said it is not normal wear and they have offered me a coupon for my next order.

All in all - I’m in love and I’m gonna keep wearing and ordering these shoes in the future. Plus check out the super cute packaging - I’m a designer so packaging certainly matters.

P.S. Say hi to my cat Kally - she wanted to be part of the photos… Not sure if the sparkles from the flowers will ever be out of her fur though.

Fossil Meets Rose Gold Love!

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So thanks to one of the lulu Facebook groups I’ve also fallen victim to a Fossil watch addiction. I had no clue they made Rose Gold coloured items. I LOVE Rose Gold, LOVE it. so this was a natural choice for me.

And then once I had the watch I couldn’t resist the sun glasses to match!

Top 10 Things I Love

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So I wanted to do a “My favourite things” post to summarize the year… I kinda missed doing it in January. Oops. Oh well I’ve actually found a lot of things since then so all the better to talk about!

10. I tried the Garnier BB cream which is an awesome tinted moisturizer. I actually now think that it makes me a little too shiny. But I love the feel and smell of it. I use it when I want something a little lighter then my usual MAC foundation.

9. Kenesiology tape which I’ve posted about before is still a favourite of mine. I have awful knees and for my long runs I tape them up and they are great!

8. My lovely fiancé got me a Kindle for xmas and it is awesome. I was kinda hesitant at first but now I’m even adding books I own in paper just so I can re-read them on my kindle.

7. I started running in the Nike Free+ 3.0s as a last ditch effort to get rid of shin splints. I’ve run over 200km in them now and I haven’t once had any shin pain. They are a more minimal run shoe then I was used to so I had to build up some ankle and knee strength but now I absolutely won’t run in anything else. I need to buy more… Lots more. (P.S. Nike - Your new website is super hard to find things on!!!)

6. I bought my first pair of TOMS ballet flats recently in the catino print, they actually hurt the back of my foot for a while but I think they are nicely broken in now. Wearing them right now at work in fact, they go really nicely with my Flash light CRB and my Pow Pink My Mantra LS.

5. Also for shoes I bought my first pair of sanuks - I got the Yoga Twist flip flop and I have to say they are like walking on 100 yoga mats. So soft and dreamy.

4. I also decide to upgrade my old Polar HR monitor to a GPS watch and since I love the Nike+ soft wear I’ve been running on my phone since October of 2010 I decided to get the Nike Sportwatch. It has some bad reviews but I have no idea why. You have to sync it before each run to have the un-to-date data, but if you do that it works great.

3. For my aerial performance this year I decided to go a little further with my make up and I bought brushes from Sephora and pigment from MAC to do my eyes. I’m now crazy in love with pigments - you can make anything - Eye shadow, nail polish, blush, bronzer - the list goes on. This has started a new obsession with MAC products.

2. CURLING WANDS! I cheeped out and got the Remington Pearl ($25) rather then the Sultra Bombshell ($130) but it works amazing. I’ve never had my hair take curl before and this is a curl I can sleep on and have lighter waves the next day. Amazing!

1. Last and not least you all know I’m rarely seen without a Tiny Devotions Mala bead necklace! Love them so much. Gotta be my most favourite thing of all!

Nike+ SportWatch Review

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I might be a little premature with this review for the Nike+ Sportwatch and I would like to say that while this watch has some outstanding reviews it has an equal number of bad reviews from everything from bad connectivity to loosing runs to the band breaking. That said, I think I might be in love… again… I fall in love a lot it seems.

Anyways I’ve been wanting a GPS watch for a while now but since I haven’t had one before (I currently have a Polar F8 heart rate monitor - that I have had a great time with) so I didn’t want to drop a ton of money incase I didn’t like it. Also the really expensive Garmin GPS watches are butt ugly - like really, why do they have to look so bad? Though I was considering the Garmin Forerunner 410 (and it looks fine) but it came down to the fact that I like the Nike+ system and the price was better. But this watch was $165 (at MEC) and it’s beautiful. The one down side is I have very petite wrists and the front portion is actually wider then my wrist, so when it’s done up right I have a gap… which I can live with, it’s still comfortable to wear as long as it gets the job done I’m happy enough with the fit. I would also like to note that a few of the negative reviews I read online were from men who said that the strap was way to short for them and they were on the last notch. I’m right in the middle and as mentioned have tiny wrists so I’m inclined to agree that the band is small. To be honest I’m not sure why the notches start so far up, if someone had wrist much smaller then mine no amount of cinching would make this fit nice…

I’ve run with it twice now and while I agree with some of the reviews that the connectivity to the satellites can sometimes take a minute both times I’ve been out it has connected by the time I got out of my crescent which I think is reasonable. Also while it uses satellites for GPS it also has the option to connect to the Nike+ shoe pebble (which it comes with) this is so if you are somewhere that you loose the GPS signal it will pick-up the shoe pebble data and give you more accurate tracking regardless of signal. I was still running with my iPhone also to compare the results and they were within 0.4km both times which I think again is reasonable. I know one of the MAJOR issues with GPS watches is that people find them inaccurate. The nice thing about the Nike+ stuff is that it actually gets better with time. If you keep using it and using it correctly it will get used to how you run and get more accurate. So I think 0.4km is fine for now and I’m interested to see if it improves.

This watch is really easy to use, aside from the running features (Pace, Average Pace, Time, Distance, Calories, GPS) it has a stopwatch feature, nice clock display, touch activated back light, and run history. Also in the latch it has a USB connection so you can plug it into your computer to charge the battery and to sync the run data with the Nike+ website.

This watch does work as a heart rate monitor but you need to buy a Polar transmitter strap. I was excited about this because I already have the polar strap as I my battery died in my last one and it was so old that the battery wasn’t user replaceable so I got a brand new one in December…. I was having issues syncing them so I started googling and I guess their are 2 identical straps and one has a little red Nike+ mark on it… Mine doesn’t have that soooo I guess I don’t have the right strap after all. Colour me dumbfounded. Oh well, I care less and less about heart rate when I’m running and I hate wearing the chest strap (though the new polar one is WAY better then my old one) so I’ll wait a couple months and get the right one I guess.

I’m trying to think of what else to say about it but I think I’ve written enough. So I guess I’ll just get on with the photos. Oh and I’m including some screen shots from the website and the watch’s soft wear the website has great route mapping (I’ve included one from a cross country ski I did in Canmore before I got this watch, the maps look the same).