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Sea Wheeze 2012:

Sooo this has taken me wayyyy to long to post about my Sea Wheeze experience… Oops.

I had a wonderful time though. I will say that the Friday for race kit pick-up was basically a day full of standing in lines. Getting the race kit was the easy part. Then you go get fitted for the free flip flops (again not too long). Then I went to the line to get into the store - which I was in for over an hour - in the store for 30 minutes - and then in the check out line for 45 minutes (I got: Swiftly Arm warmers, Plaid Speed Shorts, Plaid Hat, Duffle, Lime Speed Shorts, Swiftly SS (and thanks to another racer Stripe CRB)). Then I went for a massage and that line was about 20 minutes. After that was getting my nails and toenails painted after another 45 minute line… Haha so I spent a long time standing in line making friends with other runners. Everyone was supper nice and happy and crew were going around the lines handing out popsicles and fruit - so not awful lines to be in.

Race day was beautiful - great weather. And I was lucky enough to run just about the whole race with two other lemons that I know from Facebook. Big shout out to you ladies - you know who you are. You were awesome to meet and run with. I ran a 2:12 which I’m very happy with and the fianc√© ran a 2:40 which I think is great for his first half.

It was a wonderful weekend!

News Flash - Sea Wheeze Shorts

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Well I just got my Sea Wheeze Shorts delivered. I got to say while I love the fit and look of speed shorts I’m just not a fan of the pattern… If they were much larger dots or something else I think the colours are great… They look like pajama shorts, which is probably what I will use them for.

Size 6:

The Littlest Water Bottle

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I passed by this bottle so many times in store, I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m a long time Amphipod user and I HATE waist water packs so Amphipod has those but they have really great alternatives also. For my longer half marathon training runs I use a hydration back pack (see previous post) but for my shorter weekday training runs I just like to carry a sip or two. I have a 12oz handheld from Amphipod that is great but it’s too much water for most of my shorter runs and I find that it’s designed to fit a bigger hand then mine so it’s not the best fit for my little girl hands. This one which is 8oz (very small - be warned) is the perfect size for my hand. I love the colour of it and I managed to turn the handle into a very nice doggie-bag dispenser. And as with all the Amphipod products I’ve ever owned the bottle is very reliable and doesn’t leak. I did hear complaints about leaking so I do have to mention that you have to push the spout down very firmly to close it properly - it actually clicks twice into place - otherwise it will leak out the spout, but I think that is more user error then anything. My only complaint is that the hair elastic is pretty long and bounced around - so I just removed it.

Run From Work Backpack

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I tried on lulu’s new Run From Work Backpack. They had something similar out a couple years back but I like the design of this one much more then the previous one which was ripstop and kinda transparent. Also I just want to say that I have over 10 hydration packs in various sizes and brands - I’m kinda addicted to buying cute ones. A few of my favourites are:

Dakine Girl Session

Camelbak Annadel

Camelbak SnoAngel

This pack is much larger then most of my other favourites (though I do have some bigger ones also - not for running though). I think this pack has enough room for it’s intended use - running with a change of clothing home from work. I think the organization of the pockets is great. Though I think it should come with one of those smaller shoe bags so you can put your clothing in a smaller bag in the main compartment. As is if you stop to take something out you risk all your clothing hitting the ground.

All in all I think this is a great looking pack that will function well if you are using it for it’s intended purpose.