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Hotty Hot Short:

These are cute, and they certainly feel light and barely-there. My one complaint is the cut makes them look very old school - I would love this fabric in a more modern cut. The waist band is pretty flattering and the draw string help with keeping them up. They do have a back zip pocket but I would worry about putting a heavy iPhone in it and it bouncing around all the time - I much prefer the waist band pocket like in the speeds for iPhone storage. So depends what you need to run with and where else you have for storage.

Comments (View) // Posted On 30 Jun 2014

Seamlessly Plunge Bra:

Love the fabric and the fit was okay, the back straps are very pretty, but the fact that this bra has no place for cups is a major downfall for me. The bra is really not helping me with shape at all and if you are bigger then a B cup and want to do yoga I would be seriously concerned about nip-slips… I do really like the coverage on the upper ribs though. Oh well maybe next time.

Comments (View) // Posted On 29 Jun 2014

Next To Nothing Tank:

I’ve got to say I’m always really hesitant with lulus burnout fabric - they really don’t have a great track record with this fabric line. That said they always sucker me in with the soft feel and the light airy style of these pieces. I think this is a really cute top if you want a no-muss no-fuss cover up. You could also size down for a more fitted look.

Comments (View) // Posted On 27 Jun 2014

Tranquility SL Wrap:

….This is possibly the worst vest I have ever seen. The fabric really doesn’t help the drape of the unfortunate cut of this vest… And why is the front attached in a weird loop down the front that you can loop back over your neck which causes even more unfortunate draping issues to happen…. Eeeew.

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Dart and Dash Short:

OMG my new favorite shorts. I loved the Shorty Run Shorts from last summer but they are pretty short - still love them but some days I think they look better on me then others. But these are perfect - they solve all the issues I have with the older similar designed shorts. They are a bit higher rise, they are longer in the leg, 5 pockets AND the best part is the block-it pocket at the back. I normally have to put my iPhone in a ziplock bag to protect it from my sweat but this pocket actually works - I can go running for a couple hours and my phone is perfectly dry. And I love the Cadet Blue color and the patchwork waist band. Big win for me - now I need to invest in more pairs - that or do my laundry more often.

Size 6 (TTS).