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Okay so I’m a little intimated to write my first post it seems - I’ve been sitting here for a while thinking about it. I guess firstly in reagrds to my lulu posts. I’m not going to follow the same premiss of the other lulu blogs (lulumum and lululemon Addict - I couldn’t do it beter then you so I wont try) so what you are going to see from me will be strictly photos of myself and fit reviews. Which requires me to take some photos - which I will start doing tomorrow (I promise) in the mean time I bought two items on upload Thursday that I’m excited to recive (on Tuesday I belive). They are the Full Eagle Tank:

Full Eagle Tank

and the Strength and Tone Shorts:

Strength and Tone Short

so stay tuned for those fit reviews.

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5Peaks 2011 - One Down, Four To Go

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Okay so for the past 3 years I’ve been running a trail race series called 5Peaks - as you might gather from the name it’s 5 races (one a month) through the spring and summer. My first one was today. I should also mention that this track kicked my ass last year. It was super hot and I just couldn’t hold my pace without my friend/co-worker that I run these races with. So this year I felt I had something to prove (read: kill the hill that killed me last year). And I’m happy to say I ran both the sustained 500-600m hills with no issues what so ever (passing people who passes me on the flat track is always a rewarding feeling). So it was an 8km trail race that I did in 1hr 2min - not my best work but I felt great before, during and after so I’ll take that as a win.

What I wore: Zoom Knee Shorts, v-neck Swiftly (with Flow Y bra), and my new black running hat. All of which performed amazingly.

Also a word on hydration - I usually run trail races with a hydration pack. This year I bought a new one from Dakine. One word - Amazing. Felt great on and it has a much better belt and tube system then my last Camelbak. It’s the Dakine Nomad Girls Hydration backpack. I wanted something a little bigger then my last one so I could fit a small first aid kit and my cell phone, etc.

dakine hydration pack

Here is a pic from before the race - you don’t need to see after ;)

5Peaks #1

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Here is a permanent home for my Vinyasa video if anyone is looking for it.

Chai Time Pullover - Fit Review

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My first fit review :) I own 4 Chai Time Pullovers - Wish Blue, Black, Blured Grey and the Heathered White. And since this is making a come back with lulu I thought I would give you all my opinion.

Wish - Chai

Black - Chai

Grey - Chai

White - Chai

Please excuse the dog chew behind me…. I thought I moved that thing out of the way.

Firstly the material is like butter, I found previous blends to be both too rough and too delicate (Zen wrap). So when this first came out I was in love. I immediately wanted to buy all the colors but I walked away with only wish blue to see how it held up and I got to say I’m impressed. The wish blue one I bought ended up being my most worn item of lulu (you know it’s bad when you’ve wanted to or actually wore it everyday in a week) and therefore the most washed (I wash delicate and lay flat to dry). Contrary to what I expected the pilling under the arms was really minimal. The first week I plucked a few little balls of pilling off but no more developed. Here is  a photo of the under arm to show it 6 months later:

wear and tear

I’m also in love with the fit of this sweater (obviously - note I have 4). I like that you can see the color of a tank you are wearing underneath at the hem and shoulders. I like the pocket in front (though I rarely use it). I bought TTS (4) though a 2 did fit me I think the intended look of this is the best - a little bit slouchy, not overly tight in the body but fitted through the arms.

One downside is that the fabric is so light that it’s a bit sheer - I never wear it without an MRB or CRB underneath. The black isn’t so bad for that but you can defiantly spot skin under all the other colors.

Another thing I noticed is that on the white one the wrist cuffs are more loose fitting then the other colors - I don’t know why - just an observation.

So the verdict is I love them! Oh and they look stellar with a Vinyasa Scarf :) My other lulu obsession - but more on that later.

Oh and I should also say that one of my good friends who also bought this top ended up being allergic to the material - so I would stay that if you have any allergies to fabrics to buy it take it home and wear it around the house to see if you develop a reaction before you remove your tags.

Let me know how I did for my first fit review and if you have any questions. I’m off for my run.

Mind Over Matter (MOM) Jacket - Fit Review

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What lulu says about it:

  • Extremely lightweight running jacket built with tons of mesh to keep a constant flow of air rushing past you!
  • Ripstop nylon is a lightweight, durable layer - protects from light wind & rain
  • Also provides sun coverage (Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50+)
  • Light & airy gradient mesh helps you keep your cool!
  • Reflective details for extra low light visibility
  • Secure zipper pockets <—— This is a lie :(
  • Chafe-resistant - flat seams

Comes in black and white; sizes 4-8 (is that all?); $128.00 (yikes!)

What I thought:

Okay so I love this jacket - but I don’t know why. I think I like it purely based on esthetics. I love how the white looks kinda lacey with the gradient mesh. I really don’t see this jacket fulfilling a job in my wardrobe but I want it none-the-less. This is actually how I felt about the Space Dye WU’s that have ended up being a staple in my wardrobe. Usually when I want something this bad it means I should just buy it but with a $128.00 price tag I’m kinda having sticker shock. If this jacket fulfilled a purpose I would have no issue buying it. But what would you use it for? It’s basically useless as anything more then a UV cover-up. Anyways, if any of you out there have strong feelings about this jacket one way or the other let me know. I’m currently trying to hold out for it going on sale.

As far as fit goes I’m wearing my usual size 4 and I thought everything felt comfortable - shoulders weren’t too tight (which is an issue I have with lots of lulu jackets - since I started putting on lots of arm muscle it’s become a bigger issue). I’m a little disappointed that the pockets aren’t zippered - that’s a big selling feature for me.

That said I still want this one.

MOM jacket frontMOM jacket backMOM jacket black frontMOM jacket black back