Quick Step Pant - Fit Review

Comments (View) // Posted On 12 Jul 2011

The Quick Step Pant are another new swift material pant similar to the Dance Studio Pant that is quite popular. Like the DSP they have a draw string to adjust the length of the pant and make it in to crops if you like. However there is a draw string that actually runs UP the leg on these and a second draw string around the ankle like on the DSPs. So you pull the draw string and the pants gather upwards. The nice thing about that is that if you have a shorter inseam then the 33” that the pants come in you can self hem them by using the draw string… The bad thing about it is you CAN’T hem them if you wanted to, at least I don’t know how you would do it as hemming them would cut into the tunnel the cord is in. The educator at lulu actually asked if I would like them hemmed so I showed her the bottom and asked if they could do it… She had no clue, so I’m guessing not. The other thing on these is that when you pull the draw string to make them into crops you end up with a ton of string and no place to put it. The Back pockets are the same at the Yoga Camp pant but they don’t have the zipper on them. Which I think is okay as the zipper is buried under a tight flap and it’s hard to operate. My store just had them in Black and Wren. Like the Yoga Camp Pant they fit TTS. Nice thing also is that they are $98 rather then the inflated cost of the Yoga Camp Pant. The leg has a narrower fit then the DSPs - about the same as the YCP. They have some additional stitching details and no draw string at the waist.

Size 4:

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