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Pretty Palm Wunder Under Pant:

I had pretty high hopes for these pants and my aerial circus classes. Unfortunately I felt the luxtreme fabric was a real disservice to them. Slippery and quite compressive, good for somethings but I really don’t need to make hanging on to the silks harder for myself. I do really love the Pretty Palm pattern though.

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Just wanted to share a story this time. When I brought this lulu shirt home my fiancé’s reaction was ‘when did lulu start making Star Trek science officer shirts… I’ve never been able to bring myself to wear it as anything but a costume since. However, one of my volunteer positions this year had a space theme so I got a Badge off Amazon and put this outfit together.

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Astro WU Pant:

So glad these are back. The Astro waist band are super flattering and fun, and combined with the WU leg I’m just in love. I’ve bought these before and the fit is the same though these are the full-on luon - which I didn’t find to be sheer at all in my bend over testing. Which is great since I wear these to aerial silks and trapeze and the last thing you want is a sheer bum.

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Hotty Hot Short:

These are cute, and they certainly feel light and barely-there. My one complaint is the cut makes them look very old school - I would love this fabric in a more modern cut. The waist band is pretty flattering and the draw string help with keeping them up. They do have a back zip pocket but I would worry about putting a heavy iPhone in it and it bouncing around all the time - I much prefer the waist band pocket like in the speeds for iPhone storage. So depends what you need to run with and where else you have for storage.

YOGASMOGA 4th of July

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Not sure how many of my readers are in the USA but YOGASMOGA has a 4th of July Giveaway (not just for US residents - anyone can enter):


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