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UltrAspire Spry Hydration Pack:

I am always on the lookout for the perfect hydration pack. I keep buying them and then not liking something about them. This one is almost perfect - the best so far for sure. This is the first one I’ve gotten with front storage which I really love. I used the front cinch pocket to carry my iPhone and the other zip pocket I put my ID, lip chap, inhaler, extra k-tape, Kleenex, energy chews. There is also a little magnetic pocket on one strap which I put my shuffle and extra headphone cord. The back pouch carries a 1L bladder and you could also stuff a light jacket or top in. I really like that the strap across the chest is elastic so it moves with you a bit more but at the same time stays snug and doesn’t bounce around. One issue I was having is that the elastic strap on the shoulder that holds the end of the tube was a bit to big and it kept falling free while I was running - I added a safety pin to tighten it up and now it is fine. So it’s all love and happiness. I wore it twice with two different lulu tops, a 105 Singlet and a Swiftly tank…. and there is now pilling on both where the bottom of the front pockets was rubbing *cries*. I was able to save the tops with a depiller but now I think if I want to keep using this pack I’m going to have to dedicate a couple tanks to being destroyed. Sad.

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Pelican - Surge 11.4:

I’ve been wanting to buy my own stand up paddle board for a couple years now. I finally did it. I was looking for a good entry level board to just play with, ultimately boards can be very expensive and I wanted to make sure it was something I would use before I bought a really expensive board. This is the Pelican - Surge 11.4. I got it from Canadian Tire, Atmosphere also carries them (and were sold out). Pelican is a kayak manufacture so it’s not made from fiberglass like most ridged paddle boards instead it is made from polyethylene, which is more like a kayak. So it’s pretty durable and where fiberglass will crack this will dent and just keep on trucking. It is also quite a bit heavier then most fiberglass SUPs, it weighs in at 38lbs, most ridged SUPs are in the 28-35 range. I still haven’t quite figured out how to get it off and on my car alone yet, my fiancé has been helping me. But my shoulder was dislocated recently so it is admittedly hard to do much by myself for the last couple weeks. So once I can get back to lifting things I think I might be able to do it. It’s not so much the weight as it is the shape and size in combination with the weight and in the confines of my one car garage - but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. So far I love it and can’t wait to take it tones of places.

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Most of you have seen my love of malas, recently I took it to the next step and started making my own. I ordered the beads off of Etsy and watched a youtube video on how to make tassels. These were the result, they didn’t take long to make though I did re-string a couple and since they are the exact stones and patterns I wanted I love them more then all the past ones I have bought. And the best part is that while the ones I bought from Tiny Devotions and on Etsy range from $40 - $108 these each cost about $17 or less to make. I’m already planning what to make next.

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The Sweater Life:

I had really high hopes for this sweater but unfortunately in my TTS 6 the seam on the shoulder was super tight and restrictive and causes the underarms to twist and bag oddly. However the body is as loose as I would like it, a size up would be too big I think. The length was a little too long for my 5’4” height as well. Love the color and the idea, but there were just too many negatives for the cost.

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Exhalation Pullover II:

So my store didn’t have any size 6’s in this top on the floor so I tried a 4. I do think the TTS 6 would have been better. The 4 was a little tight in the hips and the pockets bag out at the waist. It’s a nice sweat shirt but it’s just nothing special to me.