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Find Your Centre Wrap:

Lulu got me again and right after Sea Wheeze too. This wrap is super cozy and soft, and the fabric is really what sold me on it… Also the space dye like coloring. One main thing you should know is the fit is huge - this is a size 2 which is still plenty roomy and not at all tight in the arms. This is 2 sizes down from my typical CRB size. I also would have preferred some kind of cowl neckline as opposed to the giant hood. I do love the details around the cuffs though.

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Goodbye Vancouver - till we meet again. I shall miss the treats most of all. Bella Gelato, SteamWorks gummy worm bellinis and Cartems doughnuts… Yum.

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Sea Wheeze is officially over for us runners. We still have the Sunset Festival to look forwards to but at the moment I think most of us are looking to fill our stomachs, get a massage and then fall into a comfortable bed. Thanks Sea Wheeze you were great… Your waffle was pretty dry though. ;)

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I think the theme of Sea Wheeze every year is standing in line. They are probably some of the most enjoyable lines - good people all around, lots of goodies being handed out and fun things to look forward to at the end of each.

The store was a zoo, a zoo I say. I got into line around 6:45am and at that time it already wrapped around 3 sides of the Vancouver Convention Center (it’s made it around all 4 sides eventually though). Friends that got into line around 6am and they were on the first side of the building and got into the store pretty quickly. But lulus credit I was only in line for 1.5hrs before I got into the actual store. Which was already becoming VERY picked over and just wall to wall people everywhere. The poor staff that were trying to replace items on the hangers were constantly getting things ripped out of there hands (yes I am guilty) but they were very kind and helpful as usual. There were some great items - I spent over $500 (my fiancé is going to read this and freak out, sorry honey, shit happens).

As far as other perks there were people doing hair and nails, temporary tattoos and massages. There were also popsicles, sorbet, cotton candy, vega, water, tea and coffee.

The race kits were a black and white fold over bag that came with a cute water bottle and the usual wristband, bag tag with a cute braided headband and the chip-chip.

We walked around a lot and stood in many a line, but it was all pretty great. Can’t wait for race time!

Update: The SW store sold so well today that they will not be open during/after the race as there is nothing left!!! Crazy.

Sea Wheeze Bound

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For those of you that don’t already know I’m heading to Sea Wheeze this week. This will be my second time doing the Sea Wheeze, my first was the inaugural year in 2012. I loved the lulu atmosphere and all the likeminded runners hitting the pavement together in one of my favourite Canadian cities. I’m really looking forward to doing it again, I was very sad when I couldn’t make it last year. That said I’m going to do my best to post while I’m there and share in all the fun with you all - so stay tuned Friday to Sunday for all the fun.


Oh and on another super exciting note I’ve also signed up for the Disneyland Tinkerbell half marathon in May 2015… I’m so excited for this race I can’t even begin to tell you. Since I started half marathon running doing a disney race has been all I’ve ever wanted to do. This one is going to be a little on the rough side training wise since where I live we can still have several feet of snow in May so my training might be on cross country skis or a treadmill but I don’t even care I’m just so excited to be finally doing one!! Yay!

P.S. there is still space to register.