Comments (View) // Posted On 25 Jul 2014

Noir Pant:

These are super cute. I’m still not sold on the fabric choice - but they do drape nicely. I really like the high waist cut and the waist tie which disguises the elastic in the top band. I did find that the 4 fit me, which is a size down but I wouldn’t be able to wear them lower on my hips without them cutting in. So I think true to size would be best for more wearing options. I do like that with these you can have them hemmed for flats while you are wearing them high on the waist and then pull them down your hips a bit for length if you are wearing heals - very versatile. Again - nice job lulu lab!!

Comments (View) // Posted On 24 Jul 2014

Twist Bra Long Line:

I thought I should try the other long cut bra while I was trying the Noir Bra as well, for a comparison. I still like the Noir Bra more - mostly for the cut of the back, but I did like this one too. I liked the length and the cut of the front. I could go either way on the keyhole in the front. It’s love support like the Noir Bra but is cut lower in the front. Fit is true to size.

Comments (View) // Posted On 23 Jul 2014

Noir Bra:

This bra makes everyones boobs look great - I don’t know why, but all the photos I’ve seen of people wearing this bra looks amazing. I really like the overall cut and feel of this bra, it is low support, but well made. Doesn’t cut in anywhere and I really like the length over the top ribs. I wouldn’t say this about many of my sports bras but this bra is so beautiful I feel like I need to go to some hot yoga classes just so I can wear it without a top over it. Great job lulu lab!! Fit is true to size.

Comments (View) // Posted On 22 Jul 2014

Rollin’ With My Om’ies Tank:

I really liked this tank in the change room, and took it home with me. But as I’ve tried it on with other clothing items I’ve decided that it wont be functional piece of clothing for me to keep. I wish the back and front were cut a little bit longer I think. The fabric is silky and I can’t place my finger on why but it feels really cheep. The main reason it is going back though is I think it makes every outfit look like I should be serving drinks at some private party - not a bad thing if that was what I were doing in it I guess.

Comments (View) // Posted On 21 Jul 2014

After Class Cardigan:

I’m not sure I’m sold on this top. Buttoned up I really didn’t like the look, and partially of fully unbuttoned I think is the way to go, but the low hanging underarms are not my favorite cut in s cardigan. The arms are tight like on the Iconic Wrap and I remember some people complaining about that. I do really like the little flap that covers the thumbhole when you are not using it - helps class things up a little bit. True to size or size down if you have small arms.